Shellcurve, a reference point for technology and creativity in accessories for multimedia devices, stands out for its excellent quality, its passion for innovation and its consolidated relationship with the sales points, marked by its loyalty and the enthusiasm of its staff.


Shellcurve is committed to the constant design of multimedia accessories, improving and increasing their features, integrating the product range with a quality service for its partners, with the aim of providing users with an accessory that combines excellent performance with simplicity of use, to assure a unique experience.


Our choices, actions, behaviour, as well as our relations with our users, suppliers, partners are governed by a deep-rooted sense of integrity, loyalty and dedication.

This offers the best possible integration of Shellcurve with its own key values:

- PASSION and ENTHUSIASM: in our staff and all our collaborators

- RELIABILITY: towards our partners and our users

- QUALITY: in every aspect of our business

- PROFIT and RE-INVESTMENT: to assure growth, research and innovation